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Experience More Energy, Less Stress, and Greater Overall Physical and Emotional Health

Work-life balance through natural resources, using integrated therapies and practices such as  Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Reconnective Healing 

Are you feeling mildly irritable, experiencing hair loss,  headaches, back and shoulder pain, anxiety, insomnia, migraine or IBS. Then you could be in the early stages of Stress If so, it is important that you check your stress levels before they begin to create bigger problems.

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Stress Reduction Treatments induce a state of total relaxation, activate your bodies natural ability to heal, brings your body back into balance and strengthens your immune system.

“Before I came to see Mary, I was struggling with: stress and digestive problems. The results of these conditions have been outstanding. I was constantly fretting about everything and anything from my health to my life and work. I had problems with liver, spleen, adrenals, kidneys and on top of that digestive problems.  Looks like a long list but after 5 acupuncture treatments, I had noticed a big difference. My stress level is back to normal. All the issues and problems are gone. 

Acupuncture is very relaxing and gives me more energy, stress relief and a general feeling of well-being. When I visit Mary – she is totally focused on me, she carefully listens, and she is fully engaged during the treatment. What’s also great, Mary gave me few exercises, and I do them between treatments. So, in fact, I feel better and better every day. I am so happy and thankful to have made the decision to try Acupuncture!

I would highly recommend Mary to everyone, who suffers any kind of pain. Mary is simply the best!     Thank you and I wish you every success.”                Marcin Onysko Photographer

“Traditional Chinese Medicine is characterised by the recognition that there may be a variety of possible solutions to the same problem.”

Along with your Acupuncture Treatments, Mary will help you to understand your physical and emotional symptoms that are causing your stress. Together we will create a self-care programme that suits your lifestyle so you can take conscious action to overcome and self-manage your stress levels.

 “To get through the hardest journey, we need to take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” – Chinese Proverb

Let me offer you a 15 minute no obligation call, where we can have a chat and you can tell me a little of what is going on in your life. I will also tell you how I work so you can be sure that what I offer is right for you.

Day and evening appointments are available.
If you have any questions, Please call 086 838 1017

Self Help Corner

ID-10015992worldOn this page you will find some Self Help Sheets with Acupressure Points, Aromatherapy OIls and Meridian Exercises you can do to help balance and support your  health. You can download these and print them off.

But please remember if symptoms persist seek medical help.

Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions or concerns
headacheDownload your 
   Self Help Sheet for Headache Pain




depression paid image

Download your    Self Help Sheet for Overcoming Depression



sadDownload your   Self Help Sheet for Stress and Anxiety




Download your  Self Help Sheet to Boost your Immunity

2011-04-28-18.24.00Download your Self Help Sheet to Boost Your Fertility

Reconnective Healing

the-reconnection-bookHealing frequencies of Light, Energy and Information.

Listen to Dr Eric Pearl speak about Reconnective Healing

Watch him Here

Reconnective Healing is a new form of healing frequency and is composed of Energy Light and Information. It is a healing energy that does not require the trappings of rituals and the directing of energies.

As a Reconnective Healer our job is to get out of the way and let something that is all knowing and all seeing provide the appropriate healing. As a client, you need to simply make your self available to the healing energies and accept what comes along

…….and something will come along.

By doing this you always recieve a healing tho it might not be the one you expected to have. Trust that your healing happens in a way that is best for you.

It might just be a suprise to you

When we set an intention, such as heal my big toe, back pain, ulcer etc you put limits on your healing and cut off the flow of what might just be a healing at a deeper level.

Diagnosing or trying to control the outcome of the healing we want, adds another layer between you and the healing energy frequencies, a bit like standing in a window blocking the light. Whenever we make a decision on what we think is wrong with someone, we make an assumption with our logical and educated mind and it is almost like saying that we know more than the perfection of the universe.

“Excuse me God. I’ll fix this for you” 

Detaching yourself from results will allow you to “be in the process” during your Reconnective Healing session.  It means you are not invested in getting the results you think you should have and allows the universe to open up new opportunities and possibilities for you

It also allows you to enter into your own state of awareness where you can have your own experience

You can experience Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection by contacting me on 086 8381017.


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