Acupuncture and Cough

dry-cough-soup-v2-150x150Traditional Chinese Medicine treats cough by recognising the different types of cough and treating them differently.

For example if your cough is due to heat, it will produces sticky phlegm that is difficult to expectorate; your acupuncture treatment will therefore help to clear heat from the lungs and loosen your phlegm

If your cough is due to cold,  you will have chills  and copious mucous and your treatment will aim to create warmth and clear mucous.

Your Acupuncture treatment will focus on these treatment protocols and also on strengthening your immune system. Call me to arrange an appointment and we can discuss your particular case.

Below you will find some information on different types of coughs to help you understand the logic behind your treatment. I have given you a few things you can do to help yourself along the wayband be more comfortable

As a word of warning : Do not let a Chest Infection linger this will weaken the lungs and is very difficult to treat without professional help.

Acupuncture and different types of cough

A Hot Phlegm Cough

The accumulated phlegm is thick and sticky due to heat It’s dark in colour, going from yellow to brown or dark green The cough is a loud barking sound.  This type of cough needs aggressive treatment as the green indicates that the trapped mucus has become infected. Mucus in the lungs is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so it is important to clear the mucus as quickly as possible .

Your acupuncture treatment will  aim to moisten your lungs , clear and dislodge your mucus and stimulate expectoration.

What you can do to help yourself.

Avoid cold foods, dairy products, and sweets, as these all create mucus.

Good foods  hot soups, cooked vegetables and whole grains. You can have small amounts of raw juices, but these must be at room temperature.

A Damp or Cold Phlegm Cough

You will know this by frequent coughing there will be lots of clear or sticky white phlegm.  You will have more phlegm in the morning or after meals. You may have nausea, a sensation of fullness in the chest or abdomen, bad appetite, tiredness and a feeling of heaviness.

Your acupuncture treatment will aim to clear the phlegm from your lungs and clear your nausea by strengthening your digestion

What you can do to help yourself

Avoid :  cold foods, dairy products, and sweets, as these all create mucous. although it is similar to the above it really is important that you avoid cold foods.

Good Foods :  lots of hot liquids, especially ginger tea, get plenty of rest, and stay warm. Hot vegetable soup.

A Wind Dryness Cough

This is a dry cough and a sore throat with a tickling, dry lips and mouth, and, possibly, a headache.

Your acupuncture treatment will aim to moisten your lungs, stop the cough and strengthen your immune system

What you can do to help yourself when you have a cough

Smoking Now is a good time to stop smoking and also to stay away from the passive smoke of smokers.

Good Foods  nurture your body by drinking nourishing soups and plenty of liquids.

Other things you  can do 

Apply Acupressure to Ren 17 this point is on the sternum.  Applying pressure on this can calm a cough and help with breathing. You will find it by finding the mid point between the nipples.

NIN JIOM Natural herbs loquot & Honey extract 

This simple  little bottle of cough mixture can be bought in any  Chinese supermarket and is the best ever remedy I’ve come across  for a cough.

Drink it like a tea put one tablespoon in a cup and add water just off the boil.   You can read more about it  here on Wikipedia

 Also try African Sea Coconut herbal cough mixture available in most Asian supermarkets


If a cough lingers it will weaken your immune system and can lead to you getting a series of colds and flues. Most acute coughs will respond to the above treatments within a week, if you improve your diet and get plenty of rest. If the cough lingers more than  a week seek professional help.

Acupuncture recognises that there are different types of cough and effects each of us differently so schedule an appointment by calling me on 086 838 1017 and we can tailor your treatment to suit you.

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