Tips to reduce your Hot Flushes


menopause, hot flashes, hot flushes,acupuncture and menopause, Dublin 12 dublin 24During menopause while your body is undergoing changes, you might find that you are prone to hot flushes, this is quite normal, it’s all part of the process your body is simply readjusting to your new hormone levels.

I came across this well known remedy while I was going through menopause myself. I’ve passed it on to my clients and it is so simple, easy and it costs very little. Here’s what you do :

Get your hands on a Sage plant, the best you can find, Yes the same one you use for sage and union stuffing. Use the leaves (and stems) to make a strong pot of SAGE Tea

Place five or six good sized leaves in a tea pot,  jug or whatever you have handy and cover with hot, but, NOT BOILING water. Put a lid on it, this allows the steam infusion to fall back into the pot, now leave it to sit for a while.

When it cools down transfer your Sage Tea to a glass container and keep in the fridge. Kilner jars or bottles are great for this. It is better to use glass containers rather than plastic.

You can now use your Sage Tea in two ways:  

You can have a warm cup of tea, by putting some of the strong tea in a cup and diluting it  with hot water or you can carry it around with you as a cold drink by diluting it in cold water. Again use a glass bottle not a plastic one.

When you feel a hot flush coming on, sip the tea. It will bring a hot flush down instantly. It is just the thing to carry with you when you are out and about, it is very discreet, especially if you feel a panic coming on in a shopping centre or restaurant. You can also keep it by your bed and drink or sip it during the night.

There is no need to buy expensive packaged tea,  find a good organic sage plant and use the leaves from that. Use the sage in your cooking too.

I love this remedy because the connection of the word Sage, and all the wonderful positive words associated with it, wise, perceptive, mentor, savant, thinker, philosopher, guru, elder .

Let me know how you get on I would love to hear how well this remedy works for you

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