Social Media Stress

A good nights sleep is imperative if you want to be at your best. If you find your sleep patterns are disrupted lately it may be because you are suffering from Social Media Stress, Yes!  there is such a thing.

You will know if you have SOCIAL MEDIA STRESS when:

      • – you feel this invisible wire connecting you to your phone
      • – you keep checking in,
      • – you bring your phone, laptop to bed with you at night.
      • – if you find yourself leaning your ear slightly in the direction of your phone, constantly on the alert, waiting for a beep.

Here are a few things you can do to relieve SOCIAL MEDIA STRESS

  • – Leave your phone outside you bedroom, recharge it in another room,
  • – Switch off all electronics in your bedroom. TV, Laptops etc
  • – Use an old fashioned alarm clock to wake you up.
  • – Take regular breaks from posting or being on line. you wil enjoy the welcome back, rememeber absence makes the heart grow fonder

Here is another short survey to see how stress is effecting you here

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