The True Value of Persistence

Was there ever a time when you simply refused to go on just because you failed once?

Do your feelings ever interfere with the decisions you make in your life and your business?

Are you someone who easily surrenders after just a single mistake?

Well, if you answered these three questions with a yes, you probably lack some level of Persistence.

Being persistent is a must in  life, it’s the measure of how we get things done.

Three things are important about your level of persistence

  1. Get to know your level of persistence so you can push through it.

    2.  Knowing your level of Persistence will help you in facing whatever it is you are facing now

  3. why you should develop and strengthen your level of persistence

The True Value of Persistence

Persistence is; your ability of continuously move forward no matter what you might be feeling,

Persistence is; when you push on just when you feel like you want to give up, throw your hands up in the air, surrender and quit altogether.

Persistence is ; a combination of your desire and your will power, the urge you have to get there, no matter what happens.

Being persistent is; having steel determination. Just like the waves wearing down a rock.

We have all experienced persistence in our life, imagine that young child, how persistent they can be when they want something. The child never falters they persist in aquiring the object of desire , it can take all your strength to resist them.

A little exercise for you : rest your eyes and take just a moment to think about when you were really persistent and would not give in until you got  what  you wanted.

How good did it feel when it happened, really feel the sense of achievement and all the other feeling you felt. 

Now imagine how your life is going to be if you tap into that persistence, what if you are persistent enough to achieve your goals to DO, BE and HAVE all the things that you want.

Well, this can sound a bit farfetched  but it might just be some fun to tap into your Inner Persistent Child and see who you were before the programing took over 

Whether we admit it or not, there are simply a lot of people who easily give up at the first sign of opposition and adversity and only a selected few choose to go on, no matter what, until they have reached their goals.

Being persistent is not something that you get from holding on to the past either. Instead, it comes from the vision that you get of your future. It is important to keep that burning desire in you for your vision to be real, pushing you to give everything, so you can make it happen, make the impossible, possible.

Once you know what you next steps are you can begin with that certain task, you start by making that first step, things might move slowly but  stick in there, this is where Persistence comes in. You can accomplish each small step and move on to the next step and the next, all you need to do is hold onto to your resolve and persist.

Every step you accomplish will build your confidence and you will move forward building each step on top of the next, and as you go through this process of building you also build your expertise as you learn each step of the way.

The True Value of Persistence stems from keeping your eyes on your target, what it is you want to achieve, A Vision Board is a really useful tool here.  When you have  reached your lowest low and when the whole world seems to go against you keep your eye on your target dig your heels in and stay  persistent  this is a sure fire way to stand your ground and face your challenges.

Believe me you will have many challenges and setbacks in this life and there is no way that you can avoid that.  BUT that is where I can help. I can help you to set your goals and once set help and support you in achieving those goals, you can begin by joining me on my next Vision Board workshop which you can read more about here.

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