Garden with some tulips and narcissus

Springtime  –  Time to Spring Clean,

Our mothers and grandmothers had the sagacity to invent Spring Cleaning (I could have said wisdom but then I wouldn’t have learned a new word)  They opened up thier houses, windows and doors, washed everything, pulled out sofas and beds, all in an effort to clear the stagnant energy that has built up over the winter and invite the new energies of birth and regrowth in.

Opening windows and doors cleaning windows all allow light and clean air to penetrate the deep dark corners of the house, pulling out sofas and washing curtains were all about the hustle and bustle of the New Year and beginning of growth. It was the time for de cluttering, sorting through clothes and bedlinen, sorting out what was still good, needing repairing or throwing out or passing on.

Detox your life and body

Winters can be difficult for some and by the time we get to the end of January we begin waiting for Spring to Spring. Give your Spring a quick start by getting on with some de-cluttering and de toxifying our mind body and spirit. Pick a drawer a press any drawer or press and go through it ruthlessly throw out anything you haven’t used or better still save yourself the time and simply tip it into the bin and use your time to go for a walk.



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