Acupuncture is a gentle, natural, non-evasive and effective way to deal with the symptoms of menopause

Some of the symptoms associated with menopause include :

    • WORRY
        • WEIGHT GAIN
          • HOT FLUSHES
              • IRRITABILITY
                • STRESS
                  • INSOMNIA
                    • MIGRAINE



“Menopause is a time to be gentle with your-self and rebuild your energy reserves as you progress into the most liberating time of your life.”

Acupuncture is a gentle, natural, non-evasive and effective way to help you with your symptoms during menopause.

 Acupuncture will help you with your Menopausal symptoms, by balancing your hormones, reducing your hot flushes,(you can find my useful tip on reducing hot flushes here) helping with your sleep or insomnia and reducing your feelings of irritability.

 You will feel a better quality of life and your treatments will help and inspire you to take a positive perspective on the changes happening in your life. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine Menopause is a natural occurrence it is referred to as The Second Spring  – a time when creativity is renewed and new growth begins.   

In Yin Yang theory it’s a deficiency of Yin. Throughout life both men and women use up Yin by work, stress, grief, giving birth, taking care of others, illness and just general day to day living.

All this simply means that there comes a time in your life when your body will change and it changes the way your body balances your natural rhythms of cooling, calming and moistening. 

The end result is that you experience symptoms you might describe as irritated, hot flushes, anxiety, not sleeping and generally feeling out of balance and not quite yourself. 

Although in general terms the main principle of treatment is to nourish Yin. Acupuncture doesn’t treat any two people alike. So this is why it’s important to explore your medical and emotional history and put together a treatment that is tailored to you.

As we progress through your treatments your symptoms will change and we will adjust your treatment to reflect this.


Menopause can occur at any age, this can be, for some, a time of heightened emotions and it is important that you understand the physical and emotional symptoms you are feeling and for you to create a self-care programme that suits your lifestyle and allows you to take conscious action to overcome and self-manage your symptoms of menopause

“Menopause is a time to be gentle with yourself and rebuild your energy reserves as you progress into the most liberating time of your life.” 

I hope this helps article someone. Feel free to share it if you think it might be of benefit. Questions and comments are welcome and I’ll do my best to answer them below. 

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