Acupuncture for pregnancy and Childbirth

185438_1487472242798_1713691422_732116_4610980_sACUPUNCTURE FOR PREGNANCY AND RECOVERY AFTER CHILDBIRTH

Acupuncture is well known for fertility with many IVF clinics recommending acupuncture to increase your chances of success while undergoing IVF .

But did you know that acupuncture is very helpful at other times of your pregnancy both pre natal and post natal.

At last you are on maternity leave, horray! 

In the last few weeks of your pregnancy when you have taken care of all the needs of others, sorted what needs to be sorted in work, filled the freezer, gathered all the equipment, read all the books, the next person that needs taking care of is you.

This is the time when you connect to what is probably the most important event in your life and that of your baby.

This is the time when you begin to nestle inwards and focus on what is about to happen, the busyness of getting everthing ready has calmed down, you begin to self reflect on what is about to happen and gather your energy

This is the time for self care to give yourself the opportunity to prepare your mind body and spirit for the most important day of your life.

These last few weeks of your preganancy is for you to reconnect to your inner wisdom and strength.

Pre Natal ME Time Treatment Package 

  •  4 acupuncture session week 37, 38, 39 and 40
  • 1 x  MP3 Birthing relaxation MP3 to help you to relax during labour( if you go early you can defer one treatment to post natal)

The Pre Natal Me Time Package consists of 4 acupuncture sessions, where we will help your body to relax, address any niggling aches and pains, or sleepless nights and an optional extra of an MP3 Birthing relaxation.

Post Natal

Acupuncture after chilbirth will help with tiredness and  general feelings of exhaustion.

Debra Betts is regarded as an expert in Acupuncture and Pregnancy and here is what she says about Rest and Recovery in her book Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth.

“The concept of adequate rest to ensure women completely recovered from childbirth is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the idea that it will take women at least a month to fully recover from childbirth, an idea not necessarily widespread in Western society. Usually partners or relatives will endeavour to be around to help out after the birth for a week (two weeks if the women are really lucky), then, for most women its back to “normal”.

It may be an appealing idea that “super mums” will be fit and ready for action within a week or two following birth, but this is not the reality for most women. While most will certainly cope (and be rewarded by plenty of verbal feedback on how well they are doing), several months later it is often hard to shake off the tiredness and exhaustion.

While 30 days (or even 100 days in some of the Chinese texts) of recovery time may initially sound a little excessive, it is in reality a reasonable time period if it is considered that this is needed to compensate for not only the birth but also the total experience of being pregnant for nine months. This is not a time for absolute bed rest but rather a time where physical rest is taken at every opportunity, exercise is appropriate (not an exhausting attempt to get back into shape), and attention is placed on a diet, as outlined above so that there is an emphasis on building blood and energy.

Ideally acupuncture treatment is also given once a week commencing from 2 weeks post-partum for a total of 3 weeks to promote stamina and an efficient recovery. Acupuncture can also be useful at this time to balance emotions, aid peritoneal healing and help with any breastfeeding problems.”

You can read more by following this link

There are lots of free downloads and if you would like some help in understanding or interpreting the acupressure points I’d be happy to help.
You can message me from here. love and light  Mary Fletcher Burke

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