Natural Remedies For Aching Feet

Natural Remedies For Aching Feet

Foot pain is something that we have all experienced in our lives. After a night out in high heels, a workout in the gym, a long walk or a long day at work, even working in the garden your feet can be tired, achy, swollen, and heavy.

We often forget how important are feet are to us and how they help us to ground ourselves into Earth energy and how they help us to take a step forward into everywhere we go in life. It is only when our feet begin to ache that we begin to notice the stress we put on our feet.

So whether or not your feet are just tired or achy or you looking forward to sandal season Below are some lovely natural remedies that will ease your sore feet and have you feeling great again.

Alternate Hot And Cold

What to do, Fill one basin with cold water and one with hot water. Find a comfortable spot to sit, place your feet in the cold water for five minutes then, switch to the hot water. Switch back and forth for about of thirty minutes for maximum effectiveness.

How does it work

Alternating hot and cold baths alternately dilates and constricts blood vessels in your feet, this boosts your circulation and reduces swelling and achiness in your feet.

Elevate Your Feet – Elevating your feet for fifteen to twenty minutes on cushions or pillows How does it work  This will increase circulation in your legs and feet and help to reduce pain and swelling.

Epsom Salts –. There are two ways you can use Epsom salts to reduce swelling in your feet. You can either add Epsom Salts to a basin of hot water and soak your feet or add it to your bath and soak your whole body for about 45 to 60 minutes

 A word of caution here you can feel dizzy after an Epsom salt bath so be careful getting out of the bath and if possible go straight to bed. Shower off the Epsom Salts in the morning and all the toxins with it.

How does it work  Epsom salts are made of magnesium sulfate heptahydrate. Magnesium is known to help reduce swelling and therefore ease the pain, it will also draw toxins from your body

Soak In Essential Oils – Essential Oils can be used as an alternative to Epsom salts Add 10 drops of essential oils to a half glass of milk and then add to your bath this will help to disperse the Essential oil evenly

A Word of Caution here Never underestimate the power of essential oils, Choose from a reputable brand, be careful of over marketed brands. If in doubt consult with a qualified Aromatherapist and never mix more than two oils ie. a blend would be 5 drops of each or 10 drops of one oil in a half cup of milk never drink essential oils.

How does it work essential oils, help to increase blood circulation and reduce swelling. Essential oils are used in the same two ways as Epsom salts.

The best essential oils to use to increase blood flow are peppermint oil, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, and rosemary oil.

Vinegar Soak – The kitchen cupboard remedy If you don’t have Epsom salts or essential oils in the house, you can use vinegar. Vinegar helps to reduce inflammation and can be used in two ways.

First, you can fill a basin with hot water and add two tablespoons of vinegar; it is additionally beneficial if you add some salt to the water as well. Soak your feet for about twenty minutes.

Second, you can put equal amounts of water and vinegar into two basins. Make one basin cold water and one basin hot water. Soak a towel that is big enough to wrap around your feet in the hot mixture and squeeze out the excess liquid. Wrap the hot compress around your feet for five minutes.

Repeat the same process using the cold mixture.

The second process is a little fussy but will give you the benefits of vinegar as well as the hot and cold method to maximize blood flow and reduce swelling and achiness.

Preventative Self-Care Measures

If your feet are constantly sore or you are usually on your feet for a very long time take preventative Self-Care Measures. Invest in a good pair of shoes, stretch and massage your feet throughout your day. Visit a Chiropodist who will remove any pressure points and advise on proper foot and nail care


You can also build regular Reflexology Treatments to your self care plan.

Reflexology is a therapeutic method that relieves pain by stimulating predefined pressure points on your feet and hands. Reflexology promotes healing by stimulating nerves in your body and encouraging the flow of blood. In the process, reflexology not only eases the sensation of pain, but relieves the source of the pain as well. Your Reflexologist will also be able to give you analysis of your feet and suggest some exercises to ease pain.

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How to Reduce your junk food intake

Slide2Get Healthy: How To Remove Junk From Your Diet

Just as the name suggests junk food is junk. Junk food is full of calories that do absolutely nothing for your body. These are called empty calories because they have very little or no nutritional value. The truth is, that most of these calories come from sugar and fats and they do nothing but increase your weight and body fat.

Junk food can also cause you to retain water which will make you feel bloated and sluggish. This causes you to feel tired instead of having the energy to get up and move around. The long term effects of eating junk food can be extreme, with anything from causing you to be overweight to clogging your arteries and leading to heart attack.

Why do people love junk food? The truth is that our brains have very positive reactions to fatty and sugary foods. It induces “feel good” hormones in the brain that actually mimic the effects of powerful addictive drugs like cocaine and heroin. It is no wonder that we crave them.

How many people have cravings for spinach?

But, cravings for ice cream, chips, soda and cookies is a whole other matter. In order to overcome these perilous food addictions, you must retrain your body, change old habits and change tastes. It takes time and effort, but, it can be done.


Not everyone eats junk food.

Removing junk food from your diet is the easiest way to become proactive when it comes to your health.

How To Remove Junk Food From Your Diet

It starts with some common sense.

Many people say that it is cheaper to eat junk food than it is to eat healthy food. Or they use the excuse that they just don’t like the way healthy food tastes.

First you will have to reprogram your taste buds to get used to eating healthy foods. You have been eating junk food all of your life, this is what your body is used to and what it will crave but it is up to you to retrain your body and your mind to crave healthy foods.

It is not cheaper to eat junk food!

Let’s forget about the fact that you will save thousands on medical bills by eating healthy and let’s look at what you are spending right now.

Slide1Potato Chips Versus Oranges

A bag of potato chips or crisps is eaten in minutes.

Now let’s look at a bag of oranges.  When you buy a bag of oranges you will get 8-10 oranges. This can make as many as 16 snacks which can last up to four days for a family of four.

Now you have to look at which you would rather your family or yourself eat.

Potato chips are loaded with fat, salt and a lot of calories. 1 ounce of Lays plain chips has 160 calories, 1 grams of fat and 170 grams of sodium (7% of daily allowance).

An orange has 0 fat, 0 salt and only 45 calories. Plus, it’s loaded with essential nutrients, like vitamin C (a whopping 85% of the daily recommended allowance), plus potassium and fiber.

When eating a bag of potato chips you may be watching television, letting all of that fat attach itself to your body, but, when you eat that orange, your body has a completely diffferent effect to it, you are energized simply by the smell of it.

And, this is just one example of how junk food compares to healthier options. Next time you go to the
do some comparison shopping and you will see that the prices of healthy food are not so different from junk food.

There are also plenty of healthier snack options available that can fill kid’s lunch boxes with healthier alternatives.


It may take some planning when you are removing junk food from your diet, but, it is possible to eat healthy on the same budget you have right now.

CherriesHealthier Substitutions For Junk food

When you remove junk food from your diet you mayl find that you suffer from cravings. Here are a few substitutions you can use to get past the cravings.

  • A square of dark chocolate instead of a chocolate candy bar
  • Unsalted pretzels or no butter popcorn instead of chips or crisps. (You can read about the benefits of Dark Chocolate here  )
  • Baked vegetable strips instead of chips or crisps
  • Raw nuts instead of chips or crisps for a crunchy snack
  • Plain yogurt with fruit, honey, or nuts instead of ice cream
  • Flavored sparkling water instead of soft drinks
  • Fresh fruit instead of cake and cookies or biscuits
  • Raisins instead of candy or sweets
  • Cherries instead of candy or sweets

Substituting In Recipes

There are also ways that you can alter your favorite recipes to create a healthier version. For example instead of using butter in your cakes and cookies you can create a healthier version by substituting the butter with apple sauce.

You can also use non-fat plain yogurt instead of sour cream or mayonnaise. If you are a real lover of mayonnaise than try replacing it with avocado on your sandwiches. It has the same texture and you never miss the empty calories of the mayonnaise.

Bottom Line

These are just a few things that you can do to remove the junk food from your diet. There are so many other options that you can go for and remember it is possible to remove junk food from your diet and replace it with much healthier alternatives, if you think before you buy. This  will ensure your good health and the health of your family.

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Skin Brushing to Detox

Skin Brushing
skin brushing
There are many daily practices you can incorporate into your lifes to help improve your health. Helping your body to detoxify is an important part of any wellness regime. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and caring for your skin is one way you can stimulate your body’s natural mechanisms to detoxify.

This is a very useful technique if you are suffering from headaches that have been brought on by overindulgence.


Where to Begin

Starting from the feet, brush the soles as well as the upper side using a long-handled natural brush. Using long, sweeping strokes, brush up the legs, covering all of the skin’s surface area, concentrating on the thighs and buttocks.

Put one arm up in the air, allowing gravity to help drain the lymph to the armpit, and sweep down the arm with gentle strokes, drawing towards the armpit.

Brush the torso by brushing towards the heart, and when doing the lower abdomen, brush up the right-hand side, just on the inside of the hip bone, across the transverse colon beneath the ribs and down the left-hand side, then gently across the pelvic area to complete the circle. Repeat.

When working near the breast area, brush over the top of the breast, always aiming for the armpit – and remember, be gentle over sensitive areas and broken skin .

Skin brushing should be performed once a day, preferably first thing in the morning or before a bath or shower and on a dry and naked body.

After brushing your body, rinse off in the shower while alternating temperatures from hot and cold. Alternating temperatures will bring more blood to the outer layers of the skin and stimulate blood circulation, further invigorating the skin, and increasing Qi energy.



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5 Oils to treat your skin

meme1-psoriasis5 Oils and Alternative Treatments for Your Skin

Skin issues can happen at any age. Whether you have dry, oily or sensitive skin, it can get complicated.

Although there are many products on the market that promise to “cure” your skin ailments, natural alternatives have proven to be effective and one of the safest options for skin treatment.

Here are just a few of the different oils that are easy to add to your skin maintenance routine and can help with frustrations you may be facing.

Moringa Oil
Moringa oil has been around for thousands of years and was originally used by ancient Egyptians. This oil contains antioxidants and fatty acids that help prevent the skin from sun damage and aging while being a natural moisturizer.

Argan Oil
Argan oil is used today as an effective anti-aging treatment. Regular use of argan oil can help tighten the skin and increase oxygenation and nutrients in the cells.

Rosehip Oil
Because of its high content of Vitamin C and Omega fatty acids, rosehip oil is an excellent treatment for restoring the skin and helping heal scar tissue. This oil will help your skin feel replenished and brightened.

Hemp seed oil
If you struggle with oily skin and blocked pores, believe or not, this dry oil can help. Hemp seed oil has a high content of Omega fatty acids that can reduce pore size and eliminate acne. This oil is also used to treat psoriasis and eczema because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil has many uses and benefits. Not only is it used for skin treatment, but can also be used to whiten your teeth. If you spend a lot of the time in the sun and have dry skin, coconut oil can be used to replenish and moisturize your skin. If you’re looking to whiten your teeth, doing a coconut oil rinse has been proven to remove bacteria and plaque.

There are other alternative options to improving your skin beyond what you apply on the surface. Here are some easy steps to add to your daily routine.

Here are some alternative treatments for healthy looking skin.

Avoid food allergies: Most people who have skin issues also have food allergies that can worsen their skin. Common foods to avoid include gluten, dairy and artificial additives. You can eliminate each food group one at a time to test if it improves your skin.

Replace meat and dairy: By replacing these inflammatory saturated fats with unsaturated fats, you will increase your intake of nutrients that can aid your skin. Unsaturated fats to add to your diet include avocado, olive oil, nuts and flaxseed.

Probiotics: Taking a daily probiotic supplement has been proven to reduce symptoms of dermatitis, a disorder causing itchy, red skin. Probiotics add healthy bacteria to your gut and improve your digestive tract system, which in turn improves the overall health and function of your body.

Remove sugar: Remove sugar and processed foods from your diet. Besides not having a rich nutritional value, processed foods can affect and worsen allergies and skin disorders.

Herbal tea: Herbal teas have been shown to reduce inflammation that comes with eczema. Teas to try include chamomile tea, nettle tea or drinking Aloe Vera.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture can stimulate the production of endorphins in the body, which then can improve function of the immune and endocrine systems. Improving these systems can greatly affect the skin and restore it to better health.

Like most common health issues, a healthy diet, exercise and reducing stress can be of great help. Environmental factors can have a large impact on skin and overall health of the body. By following a daily routine that includes eating natural foods, exercising regularly and eliminating excess stress, you can see your skin start to improve as well!



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