Skin Brushing to Detox

Skin Brushing
skin brushing
There are many daily practices you can incorporate into your lifes to help improve your health. Helping your body to detoxify is an important part of any wellness regime. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and caring for your skin is one way you can stimulate your body’s natural mechanisms to detoxify.

This is a very useful technique if you are suffering from headaches that have been brought on by overindulgence.


Where to Begin

Starting from the feet, brush the soles as well as the upper side using a long-handled natural brush. Using long, sweeping strokes, brush up the legs, covering all of the skin’s surface area, concentrating on the thighs and buttocks.

Put one arm up in the air, allowing gravity to help drain the lymph to the armpit, and sweep down the arm with gentle strokes, drawing towards the armpit.

Brush the torso by brushing towards the heart, and when doing the lower abdomen, brush up the right-hand side, just on the inside of the hip bone, across the transverse colon beneath the ribs and down the left-hand side, then gently across the pelvic area to complete the circle. Repeat.

When working near the breast area, brush over the top of the breast, always aiming for the armpit – and remember, be gentle over sensitive areas and broken skin .

Skin brushing should be performed once a day, preferably first thing in the morning or before a bath or shower and on a dry and naked body.

After brushing your body, rinse off in the shower while alternating temperatures from hot and cold. Alternating temperatures will bring more blood to the outer layers of the skin and stimulate blood circulation, further invigorating the skin, and increasing Qi energy.



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11 Tips to become a non-smoker

150px-Van_Gogh_-_Skull_with_a_burning_cigarette-150x150“Giving up smoking is easy I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

That was me many years ago, stopping, starting back, looking for reasons, lighting up just to see if I was over my bronchial attack.

Constantly saying to myself I wish there was a switch to turn off the cravings.

Then one day I was at a wedding and I noticed that I was the only one at a table of 15 who was going outside to smoke. I bought a packet of 20 that midnight, took one out of it and decided, enough was enough.

Something switched in my head, in a way I found my magic switch and for you it might be a health scare, pregnancy, seeing your children smoke or even finances that sets off your trigger and you decide that you are giving up the smokes.

Once you have made the decision you dive right in and for some of you that is enough for others it is not so easy.  The first thing to remember is, that there is hope and you can do it. Thousands of people have and survived, if they can do it, you can too.

Here are some Simple Steps you can put into place to help yourself :

  1. Prepare yourself – Fail to plan. Plan to Fail

Take some time out to really look at your smoking habits. Where and when do you smoke, who with, how many, how long on average does it take to smoke a cigarette, are you coughing, do you smoke in your home, in your car, around your children. What are the consequences of your smoking, to your health, finances, and to your family. Really look at every place that your smoking impacts on your life. This is one time you need to be really honest with yourself.

Don’t empty your ashtrays, this is a good aversion therapy, Acknowledge each and every one of your cigarette butts, you paid for them and you enjoyed them. RIGHT ?

Alan Carrs Book “Stop Smoking Now” suggests that you place the butt of every cigarette you smoke into a glass jar.

Open the jar and smell them, count them multiply them by the price per butt, You are a smoker who enjoys your cigarette, so celebrate them. 

  1. Realise the damage this so called ‘friend ‘ is causing to you:  

Take some time to explore all the reasons you want to get cigarettes out of your life. The cost, how many a day do you smoke, how much money do you spend on cigarettes cost per week, month , year, what have How much money has literally gone up in smoke, since you started smoking.  

What about the time wasted smoking ie 20 cigarettes a day at an average of 10 minutes each is 200 minutes that’s over three hours a day.  Add to that the stink of ashtrays your clothes, your home, your car. Imagine  the long term damage, to your health and the passive smokers aroubnd you,  coughing, cancer, heart attack, emphysema not to mention the loss of brain cells, bad blood circulation and low oxygen levels in your blood, premature ageing.

Build your list of reasons. Read the research. Cigarettes are not your friend.

  1. Make the decision and set the date.

This is a good strategy to make the decision, set a date to quit and no matter what happens stick with that date. Be prepared for the voices in your head to start up, too much at work, party coming up, holidays, that little gremlin will try in every way possible to conjole you to put off the date.

The ego is lazy and will want the easy way out now is the time to stand up for yourself and say “NO, NOT LISTENING TO YOU”

There are two parts to your brain the conscious and the subconscious, learn to recognise which part is running the show. Most people will say that intellectually they would prefer to be a non smoker but somehow they keep reaching out. Realise that this is because your subconscoius is running the show through earned belief systems and habits so just like a child needs to be guided so does the subsconscious and the best way to do this is to become aware of how your mind works and start rewriting the scrpt in your head. bring your subcoinscious under contol.

  1. Use your imagination

Spend your daydreams on how healthy you are since you became a non smoker, see yourself full of energy, breathing better and  enjoying your taste buds and having money in youyr pocket going towards a holiday.  

  1. Fake it ’til you make it

One of the most difficult things about giving up smoking is that as soon as you tell your friends they keep asking you how you are getting along. I found it best not to tell anyone, when I was offered a cigarette I simply said not at the moment.

Look forward to the day when you can say confidently “I don’t smoke”, focus on where you want to be, Use visualisation to see what your life will be like, see yourself healthy and full of life, feeling energetic, having clear skin and money in your pocket,

  1. A homoeopathic remedy 

There is a great homeopathic remedy which you can use to keep the edge off. Every health food store stocks Nux Vomica 6c  What you need to do is place 2-3 of these under your tongue when a craving starts, they work by changing the nuerons in your brain associated with smoking

  1. Use it as an opportunity to look after yourself. 

You will notice that when you stop smoking you will begin to feel good within a few days. Take the opportunity to start looking after yourself. Get to bed early,  eat good food, cut out all processed foods, your tastes buds will come back and you will find that you can really taste your food again.

You could start a detox programe and add some exercise into your day. Your lungs will begin to feel stronger and exercise such as walking will release endorphins which are the feel good hormones.

  1. Enjoy the milestones

Within a couple of days your sense of smell comes back and one day you open your wardrobe and get hit by this stale, smoky smell that catches your breath. Acknowledge that you have hit another milestone and use it to de clutter your wardrobe. This is your opportunity to throw out the clothes you don’t wear anymore and to wash or dry clean the rest.

Take note that this is what a smoker smells like to other people.

  1. I feel left out  all my friends smoke .  Avoid smoking environments

As a smoker you find yourself part of the crowd. There is a certain comradery we experience as a group standing outside at doorways There was an episode in Friends that highlighted this where Rachael took up smoking so she could be in the same social circle as her boss.

It is a well-known fact that the number of non-smokers is rising and soon you will find that others in your group will join you and stop too.

  1. What to do if you do light up.  If you fall off the wagon.

This is often the cue for the “told you so” voice in our head, learn to ignore it .  Watch how the conversation starts in your head. It goes something like this “Go on you know you want one”, “one won’t hurt”, “I’ll just be a sociable smoker”, “Ah to hell with it”. you know the scenario “I borrowed so I need to buy  a pack to pay them back.”

The best thing I found is to be supportive of yourself, learn to laugh at the voices in your head. and if you do light up resolve to start again immediately.

Go back and read all the reasons to stop smoking that you wrote down earlier.

  1. Don’t prolong the agongy of the process 
  2. E-cigaretts donlt really support you they keep you in the system longer don’t
  3. Finally : Get support 

Yes Acupuncture can help you, but only if you are truly resolved to stop smoking. Acupuncture will help you with your withdrawal symptoms.  It will help you to sleep, keep your anxieties down, strengthen your resolve and strengthen lung Chi.

In my experience, clients who come for acupuncture treatments for whatever reason, feel so good they loathe the idea of putting such a harmful substance into their bodies. Acupuncture develops a natural desire for better health and well-being

If this has helped you, let me know how you get on I would love to hear how you are doing.



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