1 Day to Restore Yourself

Feeling a bit lost, burnt out, overwhelmed and exhausted

You may be thinking “Is this it ?”,

” How did I get myself here and will I ever see an end to it.”

These are all common thoughts that go around in our heads when life becomes challenging. we allow the thoughts that go around in our head to take over and the problem with this is ……….we become our thoughts.

These negative speculative thoughts become self-fulfilling and we fall victim to these thoughts never able to get away from them.

We begin a downward spiral and the further we go down the harder it is to crawl our way back up. Before you know it your health is compromised, it may begin with frequent colds and flues but eventually, it will begin to affect your body in even more dangerous ways.

We all feel a little like this at different times in our lives and this can be brought on because Sh… happens in life.

Some of those things might be 

  • Illness your own health or someone else’s
  • a bad relationship,
  • a job situation,
  • building a business,
  • financial challenges,
  • grieving or past trauma

Whatever the reason or wherever you are along this path you are there is still a faint little voice wanting to be heard saying get a grip make, some changes,  something has to change

But how do you do that when you are so exhausted and demotivated, not sleeping, and constantly in your head with negative speculative thoughts.

Maybe you have tried, maybe you have been online searching, in facebook groups asking for help, telling random strangers how you feel, looking for answers.

Deep down you know what you should be doing but you haven’t got the energy for it. You’ve heard meditation is a great way to quiet the mind but you are so far away from a quiet mind that you could never do it.

You don’t feel you can control whats happening in your life at the moment it’s all just too much you just feel drained and too tired to do anything. You might even have gotten some sleeping medication from your doctor but taking them only makes you feel a further disappointment in your self.

Would someone in your corner help?

Would you like to :

Become unstuck from your current experiences and move forward to create the life you want

  • Switch off all those negative speculative thoughts
  • Feel more like yourself again
  • Enjoy life again
  • Feel truly relaxed again.
  • Have more energy,
  • Feel enthusiastic.
  • Clear your mind.
  • Have the luxury of a good nights sleep.

It’s a bit like fine-tuning a radio. When stuff happens in our life we tune out and like any radio when we are not tuned in all we can hear is static.

Acupuncture will tune your bodies energies and this means that your body’s own ability to heal is activated. ( homeostasis)

Why not book yourself a private one day retreat.

This is how it works:

You clear one full day that you can be free to do as you please where all your responsibilities are taken care of.

We spend the morning together where we explore what is happening for you.

during that time I will put together an acupuncture treatment  and

CC BY-NC by pdugmore2001

When our session is completed I want you to schedule some quiet time for you to think. Take yourelf on a lunch date and do some journalling,

If this is where you are, then I can help you to:

  • Find your way out of your feeling of overwhelm,
  • Build your self-resilience
  • Help you integrate these self-help tools into your lifestyle 

At the end of this programme, you will 

  • Feel more Balanced and able to take better care of yourself
  • Have cutting-edge techniques to clear out old patterns
  • Use these techniques to encode a new sense of self-belief.
  • Feel Optimistic about your future
  • Have clarity and perspective on your goals and life purpose
  • Be more energetic and have more creative energy
  • Understand your own energy flow and how to make it work for you
  • Be more connected
  • Be emotionally stronger so you can handle whatever comes your way.
  • Know what actions you must take to feel happier and fulfilled in your life.

Here is what is included in this programme:

  • This is a 90 day programme where we will connect weekly
  • 12 hours of one to one sessions with Mary
  • 1 email exchange per week.
  • The all-important Facebook group so you can connect, share and support each other.
  • Resource Centre – where I will share worksheets, mp3’s, videos other materials relevant to your self-care and wellbeing programme.
  • A blueprint for your way forward.

Want to know more ?

Schedule a FREE Restore Yourself Breakthrough Session,to see if this programe is right for you! 

I am SO EXCITED to spend a half day with you working on your life, figuring out the challenges you are currently facing and uncovering those untapped resources so we can get your life back on track faster!!

    => This half-day intensive must be booked for July – if you do not book during these months, it will be considered forfeited
    => We will meet my offices in Dublin .. you can let me know when you fill out the questionnaire
    => We will have a follow-up call approx a month after our one-day intensive which we will schedule at the end of our day together!

    Life and business will never be the same after this.. as long as you do the work that is!!

Really looking forward to working with you,