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The HeArt of Healing

Complimentary Online Course COMING SOON

7 Days to Self Care 

This short course is for you if you feel you are not looking after yourself and you would like to fit some self care into your life. 


Take this short course at your own pace. It is my gift to you. 

Price - Complimentary

Woman meditating
Woman meditating

5 Minute Meditation Letting go of stress and overwhelm 

In this short relaxation we are going to get you tuned back into you so you can discover three things. 


  • Let go of Stress and Overwhelm
  • Empty your mind of worry and tension
  • Remind your body what it feels like to feel relaxed

Discovery call

In this discovery session you and I will get on a call and together we will do three things.


  • Recognise ways you’ve been sabotaging your efforts and
  • Point out any opportunities you may be missing out on.
  • Get you inspired, energised and ready to take action and get the result you want.

Mary Fletcher Burke

Dip Acu, Mindcoach Reconnective Healer