Reconnective Healing

the-reconnection-bookHealing frequencies of Light, Energy and Information.

Listen to Dr Eric Pearl speak about Reconnective Healing

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Reconnective Healing is a new form of healing frequency and is composed of Energy Light and Information. It is a healing energy that does not require the trappings of rituals and the directing of energies.

As a Reconnective Healer, our job is to get out of the way and let something that is all knowing and all seeing provide the appropriate healing. As a client, you need to simply make yourself available to the healing energies and accept what comes along

…….and something will come along.

By doing this you always receive a healing tho’ it might not be the one you expected to have. Trust that your healing happens in a way that is best for you.

It might just be a surprise to you

When we set an intention, such as heal my big toe, back pain, ulcer etc you put limits on your healing and cut off the flow of what might just be a healing at a deeper level.

Diagnosing or trying to control the outcome of the healing we want, adds another layer between you and the healing energy frequencies, a bit like standing in a window blocking the light. Whenever we make a decision on what we think is wrong with someone, we make an assumption with our logical and educated mind and it is almost like saying that we know more than the perfection of the universe.

“Excuse me God. I’ll fix this for you” 

Detaching yourself from results will allow you to “be in the process” during your Reconnective Healing session.  It means you are not invested in getting the results you think you should have and allows the universe to open up new opportunities and possibilities for you

It also allows you to enter into your own state of awareness where you can have your own experience.

Here is one person’s account of their first session of Reconnective Healing

“I’d like to thank you for the healing session. I’ve met the beautiful being endowed with light, love and compassion for others. Thank You.

The next day I had the impression that I reach beyond my physical body, sincerely J. ” 

You can experience Reconnective Healing or The Reconnection for yourself by contacting me on 086 8381017.

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