Before I came to see Mary, I was struggling with: stress and digestive problems. The results for all of those conditions have been outstanding. I constantly fretted about everything and anything from my health to my life and work. I had problems  with my liver, spleen, adrenals, kidneys and on top of that digestive problems.  Looks like a long list but after 5 acupuncture treatments I had noticed a big difference. My stress level is back to normal. All the issues and problems are gone. 

Acupuncture is very relaxing and gives me more energy, stress relief and a general feeling of well-being . When I visit Mary – she is totally focused on me, she carefully listens, and she is fully engaged during the treatment. What’s also great, Mary gave me a few CBT , Havening  and meditation exercises, and I do them between treatments. So in fact I feel better and better every day. I am so happy and thankful to have made the decision to try Acupuncture!

I would highly recommend Mary to everyone, who suffers any kind of stress. Mary is simply the best!   Thank you and I wish you every success.

Marcin Onysko  Photographer

Marcin - Stress
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