Amanda – Energy Healing

Amanda is a busy manager in a national hospital at a time when major changes were happening in the Health Care systems in Ireland. She was also dealing with an ageing mother who lived 60 miles away from her. Amanda was exhausted and felt pulled in every direction with her responsibilities

“Touch is a powerful and healing. Experiencing stress in my home and work life necessitated me to find an avenue to heal. Having experienced the power of healing touch before, I knew the benefits of holistic massage. From the depths of deep stressful times to now where I’m making positive changes in my life, I have consistently found my holistic sessions with Mary to be instrumental in helping me let go of negative energy and go forward with insight and peace. Mary is one of those healing angels that I’m very grateful to have in my life.”

Toni – Insomnia

“Thank you so much for my treatment today. I feel so much more at peace after it. I did wake up during the night, but I found it much easier to fall asleep without any aids. See you next week.”

Saoirse – Ready for Change

“Before coming to Mary I was feeling lost in the myriad of options and ideas I was exploring. Thanks to our ‘chats’ I found a new way of being opening up for me. Thanks so much for all of our ‘chats’, you are a very kind and interesting woman.”

Rose – Arthritic pain

Rose is a 70 year old lady gifted a treatment by her son. She had been suffering from arthritis in her arms and legs and as a result she was imobilised by pain. I treated her with a combination of massage, blended aromatherapy oils, reiki and acupuncture. She felt so good after her treatments this is what she said 

“I’ve had such relief from the pain that I’ve been ironing for the first time in ages.”

Val – Grief

“Even though it had been many years since my mother died, I still experienced the grief of her passing. Mary helped me to let go and to move on with my life. I have moved on to study Psychotherapy and hope I too can help others.“

Anne – Anxiety

Ann is an active 60+ lady who had recently seperated. Her daughter was preparing to immigrate and Ann was feeling vunerable and a little anxious of being left on her own. She wanted to send her daughter off graciously

“I was dreading my daughter emigrating and felt very panicked. After my sessions with Mary,  many people commented on how rested and well I looked. I am much calmer in myself and when the day came to see my daughter off and I was better able to cope with her leaving.”


Please note that my sessions are private and confidential so only the first names of my clients are shown but all of these comments are genuine.

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