7 Successful Change Acceptance Strategies

Throughout life, change will always be a constant companion.  From the changes that we make deliberately to the changes that are thrust upon us, change is inevitable.  Some would even say that change = life.  Even though change is guaranteed, it still makes us feel out of control and stressed.

Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise us that we are predisposed to resist change and can readily recognize the resistance within us.  Because we are creatures of habit, change will always be problematic for us.  

We don’t need less change in our lives, but instead, we need to learn to shift our attitude about change so that we can more effectively manage change when it happens.  

Here are 7 key strategies for handling life’s plenitude of changes, whether they are changes of our own making, or changes we have no control over.  Implement the strategies that resonate the strongest with you so that you can approach change with a more accepting perspective.     

The change will cause stress, for sure.  So try these strategies

1. First identify what you can control, and what you cannot.  Then you can take steps to minimize the stress of things you have control over and accept the things you can’t change.  In any given situation there will be things you can influence and things you will simply need to accept.  Know which is which.

2. Take a time out from life and allow yourself a moment to think about your circumstances.  Get clear on the true impact of the change you are facing so that you can come up with reasonable ways to move through it.  If we are so caught up in the change, we will never be able to determine a strategy for handling it.

3. See the change as an opportunity rather than a bad situation. Keep your eye on your long-term goals rather than allowing yourself to get caught up in the present situation and its overwhelming uncertainty.  Current circumstances may seem quite chaotic, but stop and remind yourself that your perspective will probably look quite different within a few short weeks, months, or even years.

4. Be open to what can be learned from change.  Resistance to change means we are too focused on the status quo.  Think instead, “What can this change teach me?” 


5. Lean upon an inner knowing that everything will work out just fine.Think of a time of change in your past and how difficult it might have been. You got through it, your are strong and resilient and you can do it again 

6. Work daily on your ability to handle change.  The days are filled with moments where you will have to react to situations that you do not like or enjoy.  Grow a muscle around responding to those circumstances in more positive, enriching ways.

7. Be open to growth.  Be open to expanding who you are rather than retreating into what’s comfortable and familiar.  

Use these acceptance strategies, to learn to embrace change instead of resisting so you can move on to a better more positive life. 

Remember change is part of life and change can be stressful so try these strategies and Create a self-care routine for yourself that keeps you balanced in mind body and soul.

 By using these acceptance strategies, you can learn to embrace change instead of resisting and move on to a better more positive life.  


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