Feeling anxious?

Is your head overthinking and leaving you feeling anxious? sometimes for no reason. You know that you need to take time out, get more sleep do some meditation but you just don’t seem to be able to quieten your mind.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, this is described as

………..The Heart’s fear, anxiety and pensiveness injure the Mind…. the Spleen’s worry injures the intellect….the Liver’s sadness and shock injure the ethereal soul….the Lung’s excessive joy injures the corporeal soul….. the Kidney’s anger injures the willpower. 

In Chinese Medicine, emotions are mental stimuli that disturb the Mind and the Ethereal and Corporeal souls and through these, alter the balance of the internal organs and the harmony of Qi and Blood.

What all this means basically is that our emotions such as fear, sadness and shock, ie trauma, anger and grief all have a part to play in the energetic or life force of each of our organs. Anxiety is proven to weaken your immune system, leaving you open to colds, flu and any other pathogens that are about.

Without going too deeply into it here, remember a time when a fright made you jump as a child we would often play with this just to feel our Qi jump. 

Anxiety can get to a point where we can’t shake it off on our own and this is where Acupuncture comes in as a very effective way to remind our body what it feels like to relax. You don’t have to do anything.

I have perfected a treatment that brings your body into a totally relaxed, switched off state. Your spirit craves this state of calm and healing energies and will thank you for it.

If you are feeling anxious and would like to chat with me as to how acupuncture could help you to become calmer, switch off those worrying thoughts, strengthen your Immune system so you can return to feeling calmer and in control please feel free to email me here or call me o 0868381017 and leave a message.



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