Acupuncture is – a system of healing based on balancing the energetic forces within us.

When you have been going through a tough time you might just find yourself saying things like “I feel a bit odd”,” just not quite right”,” I don’t know what’s wrong with me”.  “My energy is really low”.

We often feel out of balance when we are going through major changes in our life, it might be medical treatment, a new job, fertility treatment, pregnancy looking after ageing parents.

According to traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) major transitions happen to us every 7 years and these transitions use up our Spleen energy reserves.  Acupuncture can be an amazing go to, to keep your energies balanced and help you move into your new stage with ease and grace.

Over the years I’ve perfected an integrated treatment that combines Acupuncture, Energy Healing and Mindcoaching for that time when you want and need a time out for yourself. The time when you have become exhausted in mind body and spirit. 

This Integrated Treatment is geared towards HEALING YOUR SPIRIT and holding a SAFE PLACE so YOUR SPIRIT can feel supported, be reinforced and have a voice.

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Many of my clients have found that they gather their strength and are in a better place to understand where they are in their illness or quest, they gain clarity from having the opportunity to quieten the noise in thier head and listen to thier intuition.

It is now known that the  Chinese were among the earliest cultures to begin exploring the subtle energies of the body and to recognise  Chi as one of the most important aspects of human life. Over centuries this was developed and expanded and became the basis for what is now known as Acupuncture—a system of healing based on balancing the energetic forces within us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine gave us the meridian systems, which are the specific energy pathways coursing throughout the body, and they also discovered that by stimulating and applying acupressure or acupuncture to specific acupoints, which are key locations where the life force is active at the body surface, we stimulate and restore the flow of this life energy. This energy is carried along the meridians or energy pathways and throughout the body.

Today, we have a greater understanding of energy healing. We are exploring and learning that it is essential to our  physical, emotional and mental well-being to keep our bodies systems in balance. You can feel your energy forces become disrupted and out of balance by a number of different  factors, such as emotional stresses, trauma to the body in the case of accidents, bad nutrition, and environmental such as chemicals and toxins, genetically inherited traits and even the weather.

You generally know within yourself when you feel out of sorts, not quiet right, down, anxious maybe a niggling headache or a full blown migraine.

Because acupuncture diagnosis is based on energy systems, we diagnose conditions based on terms such as deficient, excess, heat, damp, cold, stagnation,  these terms all relate to the movement of energy in the body. Your Acupuncture treatment, in its simplest form, is designed to redress the balance by reducing excess and heat, removing damp, moving stagnation,tonifying and bring back into balance.

When the needles are in place some clients will feel their Chi energy, sometimes as a pulse or a sensation running along the meridians. Even if you don’t feel this, your acupuncture treatment is still effective and facilitating your healing.

Your First Appointment.

Your first appoinment is all about getting to know you and what it is you would like to get from your treatments. First we’ll sit and talk for a while. We will go over your health history, how that is effecting you as an individual, your lifestyle and your sysmptoms and why you are here. Generally your treatment session is 60 minutes and this is divided between History taking and your treatment. Most clients find thier treatment very relaxing and may even make it time for a nap. 

How Many Treatments will I need?

Acupuncture works over a number of treatments, and you can never have your acupuncture treatments too close together, but you can have them too far apart.

Acupuncture works cumulatively and we build on your progress and changes at each session. If your initial treatments are too far apart, there’s a good chance your symptoms will slowly start to return, so by the time we treat you again we’ll be back at square one because we left it too long between appointments.

If the treatments are too far apart we run the risk of getting stuck on a merry-go-round of your symptoms improving, then getting worse, then improving, then getting worse again. What we are aiming for in your treatments is to allow your symptoms to gradually improve at each session this gives  you the best chance of being symtom free.

In order to accomplish this, ideally you should have a treatment twice a week for the first one or two weeks. After that, as long as your symptoms are improving and staying at that level of improvement between appointments, we can reduce this to once per week.

As long as your symptoms continue to stay stable between your appointments you can remain at weekly treatments but if they do start to come back again during that week then we can schedule a treatment so we don’t lose progress.

As you continue to feel better and your symptoms continue to fade, and stay symptom fre between your treatments we can then begin to strech them out until you are ready to go on a maintenance program every two to three weeks and up to four weeks.

Once the symptoms are gone then we’ll go into ‘tune-up’ mode.  I have all of my clients come in at least once per month for their ongoing wellness treatments. and when you are facing tougher times or have that challenging project in work you can book that extra session at any time.  

When Will I See Changes in My Symptoms

Generally clients see changes around five or six treatments, but more chronic and challenging cases can take up to 10 or more. If you haven’t had your condition too long, you’re young and healthy, you should expect improvements around your fifth or sixth treatments.

Each client is an individual and each client responds differently to a treatment Your first treatment will give us both an indication as to how your body is responding. You might experience changes from your first treatment but those changes might not be lasting changes until you reach your 5th or 6th treatment and from there on in I suggest a monthly ongoing wellness treatment to reduce the chances of your symptoms returning. 

It should be noted here that specialised treatments such as fertility or Facial Rejuvenation have a different set of Treatment Plans

How Do I Book an Appointment

You can book your acupuncture treatment by calling me on 086 8381017 and leave a message with a good time to call you back Or you can email me at 


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