Phoenix Rising Book


Phoenix Rising Is a collaboration book published in 2024. In this book, 21 other authors and I share our story. Open any random page when you need inspiration. the links below will bring you directly to Amazon



In this beautiful collaboration, “Phoenix Rising: 22 Stories of Triumph, Transformation, and Divine Intervention.” I and 21 other authors share our journeys of overcoming challenges, finding inner peace, and experiencing divine guidance and intervention moments. Each story is a beacon of hope and inspiration, offering readers wisdom, healing, and a fresh perspective on life’s ups and downs.

Join us on this journey as we rise from the ashes, emerge from adversity, discover inner strength and resilience, and are empowered by the boundless love and light within us to surmount any challenges and embrace the limitless possibilities ahead

You can get a copy of the book on Amazon Germany if you are in Europe Here

or on Amazon UK if you are in the UK HERE






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