Overcoming Trauma

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Onwards and Upwards

I was – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – beyond exhaustion.

This was the email I recieved from Carol

“Hi Mary
I am looking for some immediate stress relief as I have just come off 56 contiguous days working 12 hours a day as a live-in carer/robot/slave for a woman with severe OCD, and a controlling, manipulative, perfectionist personality.

Do I really need to say anymore? I know I have done myself a mischief in completing this horrible assignment and I need some help to reset my body, mind and spirit in order to take maximum advantage of a few weeks free time in Dublin.

However, I was really sad to see that you have no appointments available in April – not surprised as your work sounds wonderful but just desperate to get an appointment somewhere, somehow, this coming week….

I’d be so grateful if you could contact me asap with a view to either finding a way to see you or perhaps you know of another similar practitioner who could see me?

I have absolutely no schedule in the next few weeks – thank goodness!

Hoping to hear from you soon – although I do realise this is Saturday morning…
Warm regards


Well I did get to see Carol and I found a wonderful woman who had put up with far too much because she would not let the challenges she faced to best her.

Carol was drained she was the complety spent her spirit had taken a beating This is pretty typical of what I see happening to strong people. They don’t give on easily and push themselves to thier limits and beyond.

But their is one other important trait of strong people they do know when they need help So Carols email was her call for help and I was delighted she choose me.

Carol booked in for for a morning session which meant that we spent half a day together on our first session chatting and getting

The principle of treatment


I’d toughed it out for two years of super-stressful situations but had just reached the end of my tether and realised I needed help. I was too tired to sleep, eat, or do anything – and I was battling a long-running chest infection. After just one visit to Mary I felt completely different – it took a couple of days for the full effects to settle in but I noticed that I was feeling much more alive, more energetic, sleeping and eating better, and suffused with a positive energy that gave me the strength I need to pick myself up and begin moving forward with my life. Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for being guided to choose Mary from a wide range of practitioners on the net – and for Mary’s exceptional healing talents and skills. I’d even go so far as to say Mary saved my life as, at that time, my energy levels were so low – to the point where I just couldn’t manage on my own. Mary is an exceptional healer with a warm, caring and unhurried approach to the amazing work she does. I have complete trust in her ability to understand what healing is required, and to deliver a superb healing experience every time.

My second visit: I knew I’d ‘put my back out’ the minute I lifted a case of wine off the ground but hoped a hot bath would do the trick…and then I tried a chiropractor as I’d had success with this treatment a couple of times in the past. I was feeling pretty depressed by this time – not to mention that the pain was spreading as I tensed up and tried to protect my lower back. Goodness knows why I didn’t call Mary first – I know she is a wonderful and intuitive healer but I just didn’t connect Mary’s talents with fixing something as prosaic as lower back pain…silly me! Just two sessions were sufficient to get my back. back on track – and I so enjoyed the relaxing and nurturing quality that Mary brings to her work. So not only did Mary solve my back pain, she also gave me a delicious feeling of well-being, increased energy and all-round ‘positive vibes’. I’m intending to ask Mary if we can work out some sort of ‘maintenance plan’ as this would seem to be a really good plan! Blessings be upon you, Dear Mary, for being you!


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July 6, 2020

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