‘Do you wish you could enjoy the joys of spring? Every year we should look forward to spring as flowers begin to blossom, trees develop leaves, the daffodils begin to show and the grass starts growing.

If that last sentence gives you the shivers then these massive changes comes with some unwelcome side effects for you and begins to triggers that terrible runny nose, sore eyes and that awful clogged up feeling.  If this is you then there’s no better time than now to consider using  Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture to offset your allergies.

While cold and flu typically diminish by the start of spring, a new problem begins to emerge for many: allergies. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), approximately 50 million people in the United States suffer from seasonal allergies. I’m sure those numbers are reflected all over the world

When exposed to pollen or other plant allergens, you might develop a runny nose, nasal congestion, eye redness, headache, sore throat, and other related symptoms. Whether you suffer from mild, moderate or severe seasonal allergies, however, it’s not pleasant and yes acupuncture can and does help.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is centuries old and involves the placement of fine needles on specific areas throughout your body. These points are chosen as a precise prescription based on your personal symptoms. Acupuncture helps to restore your body’s flow of energy (referred to as Qi) while stimulating your body’s own self-healing mechanism.

In Chinese astrology, spring falls under the Wood element, meaning this time of year is closely related to your gallbladder and liver. According to TCM, one of our liver’s primary functions is to regulate Qi through our body. If your Qi is blocked or restricted in any way, you will be susceptible to disease and illness. The bottom line is that you want to keep your Qi moving for optimal health especially at this time of year.

SELF HELP TIPS to keep your Qi moving in Spring:

I’m a great believer in doing what you can to help yourself and if for some reason you cannot book in for some acupuncture sessions here are a few things you can do.

First off remember you have just come through the Christmas and new year period so you may have consumed a lot of sugary and rich foods. Your body now wants to eliminate all of that so help it along. A dry January is a good habit especially if you are prone to a build up of mucous and especially to detox your liver. 

 Here you are: 

  • Limit (or eliminate) your intake of processed foods, dairy and alcohol .
  • Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Start your mornings off with a light stretching exercise like yoga or tai qi.
  • The warm weather offers you the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and exercise.
  • Consume sour food and drinks. According to TCM, sour flavours stimulates Liver Qi.
  • Use acupressure on Liver 3 point
  • Book your acupuncture treatments.

There are over 2,000 acupuncture points spread across 20 meridians, but none hold as much weight for the spring season as Liver 3 (LV3). Located between the first (big toe) and second toes, the LV3 (also known as the ‘springtime acupressure point’) is an acupuncture point that’s particularly beneficial for this time of year. You can try it for yourself using acupressure by pressing your heel into this point.

Liver 3 lives up to its namesake by channeling energy between your liver; therefore, conventional wisdom should tell you to focus on this point during in spring.

Some more self help

Essential oils – eucalyptus and tea tree oils in a diffuser or in your bath, is a great way to clear the air in  your home and to encourage and relieve your sinuses 

Encourage the release of toxins from your body by taking a glass of water with lemon nd cider vinegar first thing in the morning and  by increasing your water intake during the day.

If allergies are the only thing you have to look forward to every spring then plan on scheduling an acupuncture session. Preventative Acupuncture treatments in early  spring will lesson your allergies and give you a chance to look forward to all this amazing new growth.

I hope some of these Self Care Tips help you to relieve some of your symptoms.

Let me know below how you get on or give me a call today to learn how acupuncture can help


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