Self-care is a word bandied about but self-care is self-management it’s about how we handle ourselves its about stress management stress reduction it’s about making time to relax rest rejuvenate and restore

Self-care is about anything you can do to take care of yourself so you can stay physically emotionally and spiritually well

But it is more than that  – self-care is almost a spiritual act that becomes an important part of the healing process for ourselves and for the other people around us.

We often consider our self-care to be the very things that don’t enhance our lives. Treating ourselves to a glass or two of wine because some advert used the term “because we deserve it” or overspending on a credit card and going into debt is not self-care.

So I thought I might take an opportunity to look around and find a definition that might make sense I found the following definition on the UK Department of Health Steering Group.

“Self-care is a part of daily living. It is the care taken by individuals towards their own health and well being and includes the care extended to their children, family, friends and others in neighbourhoods and local communities.

Self-Care includes the actions individuals and carers take for themselves, their children, their families and others

to stay fit and maintain good physical and mental health;

meet social and psychological needs;

prevent illness or accidents;

care for minor ailments and long-term conditions;

and maintain health and wellbeing after acute illness or discharge from hospital.”

We often consider our self-care to be the very things that don’t enhance our lives. Treating ourselves to a glass or two of wine because some advert used the term “because we deserve it” creating the wrong impression of self-care.


1) Your Physical self-care

Move your body, take care of your health, your nutrition, your sleep and resting needs.

Some examples of physical self-care:

Going for a walk
Taking a bath
Getting enough sleep (7-9 hours per night)
Eating nourishing foods

Consider other ways you might do…..

2) Your Psychological self-care

Learn new things, practising mindfulness and creativity. Some examples of psychological self-care:

Practising mindfulness
Reading a book

Revisit a neglected hobby
Learning a new skill
Doing a digital detox

3) Emotional self-care

Enhance your emotional literacy, navigate your emotions, increase your empathy and manage your stress effectively. Some examples of emotional self-care:

Say no
Making time for reflecting on feelings
Practising self-compassion
Being aware of your emotional boundaries
4) Social self-care

Having a supportive group and network of relationships around you that you can trust and turn to. Some examples of social self-care:

Honoring your commitments to other people
Asking for help when you need it
Meeting new people
Spending time with family and friends
5) Professional self-care

Sharing your strengths and gifts, having clear professional boundaries and living your purpose. Some examples of professional self-care:

Eating a nourishing lunch each day at work
Negotiating your needs
Having clear professional boundaries
Attending professional developing opportunities
6) Environmental self-care

Having an organized, well maintained and clutter-free work, business and home environment, having clean clothes and a clean and well-maintained mode of transport. Some examples of environmental self-care:

Decluttering your home or work environment
Monitoring technology time
Cleaning up after a meal
Maintaining a clean and safe living environment
7) Spiritual self-care:

Having beliefs and values that are important to you and guide your life. Some examples of spiritual self-care:

Reflecting in a journal
Going on a retreat
Walking in nature
8) Financial self-care

Being responsible with your finances and having a conscious relationship with money. Some examples of financial self-care:

Knowing where your income is coming in
Knowing where your expenses are due and paying them on time
Completing your tax responsibilities on time
Spending and saving money wisely


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