The Power of Journalling?

Journalling has always been a powerful self help tool for me. I have journals and writing since I got my first diary when I was 10 year old You know the type it was pink and had a little lock on it with a key. 

It was supposed to keep everyone else out but of course sneaky brothers could always make their way in. It was any as if there was anything in there of any great secret but in a large family household private space is very important.

As the years went on I progressed to using writing to work out problems that I was having in life sometimes these were existential conundrums and sometimes they were relationships or frustrations. But either way by the time I had written a few pages my mood had lifted I had arrived at a conclusion and I felt a lot better.

I still write in my journals today but maybe not so often. 

If you would like to learn more about journal writing and how it can help you clear your mind and make those difficult decisions you can read more here.

Developing your own self-help tools is a powerful way to evolve your personal power. They are your go-to when life gets tough self-help and personal leadership and emotional intelligence is what it means to evolve and grow. as a person as a soul. 


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